to Relaxed Homeschooling and Unschooling in Colorado — Made Simple! RMEC is the original and only statewide unschooling site in Colorado. I’m Cindy Englan Wentz, your host and veteran unschooling mom of two grown, comically messy, introspective, home-owning, college-educated sons. We began our journey in public school, with one child labeled “gifted” and the other “slow”. In 1993 I pulled them out of 5th and 1st grades, at their request. I had no idea what I was doing. I was scared. I was confused. I was excited. I floundered and made mistakes and was sure I’d ruin them forever. Just the opposite happened. They blossomed. They became each others’ best friend again.

Three years later, at age 14, the oldest started college. I finally felt confident enough to launch RMEC and begin counseling new homeschoolers. My “slow” child began college a few years later at 16. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado — with Honors. (Mom just has to add that. 🙂 )

The Colorado Homeschool Law in a Nutshell
Do our legal requirements leave you with more questions than answers? Wondering where and how to start? Here’s the most in-depth and comprehensive FAQ you’ll ever find on what Colorado’s legal requirements are (and aren’t). Best of all, it’s in plain English.

The Rookie Workshop for New Homeschoolers (coming soon)
My honest, down-to-earth how-to guide for new homeschooling parents.

Cindy is available for private phone consultations.

Colorado Homeschool Law in a Nutshell was such a relief to read through and finally understand what was going on in just a few minutes. Before reading I was pretty confused, not at the overall idea, but at some of the important details. After reading I paid Cindy for a few minutes of her time as well; the money spent on the e-book and time I can honestly say is some of the best money I’ve ever spent. I’m so happy & relaxed about home-school now, the book was amazing and she made perfect recommendations. We only found it a few days ago and we’re 100% taken care of now, thank you Cindy!

— Micah and Teresa in Colorado


HTML 101 for Homeschoolers
New classes starting November 7 and December 5, 2016. Try it out for free!

The Empty One (The Fallen Conviction Book 1)
by Matthew Stanley. What happens to an unschooled kid who refuses to read until age 10? Why, he just might grow up to become a published author. Yes, this is my son. And yes, this is an unabashed plug for his first book. 🙂

A Miracle On Trial: A Critical Analysis of The Mathematical Miracle of the Quran
And that same unschooled, un-pushed, unhurried child could then write a second book. Non-fiction.

Chat With Denver Metro Unschoolers
All you need is a user name and password. Easy-peasey.

Is Your Bank Supporting Common Core? There’s Now an App That’ll Tell You.
Before opening a new bank account, filling up your tank, shopping for groceries, purchasing a computer, booking a flight or visiting a drug store, find out which political causes those companies are spending your money on.

Filtering and Surveillance Should Not Be Considered Protection
There is no free lunch. Or “free computers”. Take a look at what kind of tracking apps those online-school-at-home academies are installing on your kid’s device.

A Student Critiques What She Calls “Blended Delusions”
“In my opinion, technology’s place is not in the classroom, at least not for the most part. Sometimes it is necessary, but most of the time, it only serves as a distraction and offers activities that inhibit productive, successful learning.” — A 2015 high school senior.

Behavior Labeling
If an adult is reinforced for behaving appropriately we call it recognition.
If a child is reinforced for behaving appropriately we call it bribery.

If an adult talks and laughs we call it socializing.
If a child talks and laughs we call it misbehaving.

If an adult writes in a book we call it making notes.
If a child writes in a book we call it destroying property.

If an adult sticks to something we call it perseverance.
If a child sticks to something we call it stubborness.

If an adult is not paying attention we call it preoccupation.
If a child is not paying attention we call it attention deficit.

If an adult hits a child we call it discipline.
If a child hits a child we call it fighting.

Please know that I only link to sites, articles and products that I personally know or have checked out thoroughly. I don’t link to “junk sites” or those Johnny-Come-Lately Mega-Corps who could care less about homeschooling … but have discovered we’re “a market” and only want to sell us something. If you have a negative experience, let me know and I’ll check it out. — Cindy