to Rocky Mountain Education Connection (RMEC for short). This is the place to find the most in-depth and comprehensive FAQ on the legalities of Colorado’s home school law, and what your options are, explained in plain English by a homeschooler with 22 years’ experience (that would be me): The Colorado Homeschool Law in a Nutshell.

The Rookie Workshop for New Homeschoolers (coming soon) is my straightforward, easy to understand how-to guide for new homeschooling parents.

Unschooling. RMEC is also Colorado’s only statewide unschooling site. Unschooling means letting your child learn at their own pace, without setting up “a classroom” or buying pricey curricula. It’s cheap, flexible, and won’t drive you crazy trying to ‘play teacher’. And yes, your children will still get into college. Both of mine did, at ages 14 and 16. My oldest got his degree in CISCO Networking. The youngest graduates in December 2014 with a Bachelors in Mathematics and Computer Science, with Honors. This is the child who didn’t read until 10, refused to open a textbook or learn Math until 16. I’d say they turned out OK. ;)

Cindy is available for private phone consultations.

Colorado Homeschool Law in a Nutshell was such a relief to read through and finally understand what was going on in just a few minutes. Before reading I was pretty confused, not at the overall idea, but at some of the important details. After reading I paid Cindy for a few minutes of her time as well; the money spent on the e-book and time I can honestly say is some of the best money I’ve ever spent. I’m so happy & relaxed about home-school now, the book was amazing and she made perfect recommendations. We only found it a few days ago and we’re 100% taken care of now, thank you Cindy!

                                                           — Micah and Teresa in Colorado


Free Field Trips
Check out RMEC’s Events page to view a calendar of free days at The Denver Zoo, The Museum of Art, The Molly Brown House, Four Mile Historic Park, The Museum of Nature and Science, The Museum of Outdoor Art, Hudson Gardens, The Children’s Museum, The Boulder History Museum, The Aurora History Museum and lots more.

Learn Spanish and French for Free
The ULAT (Universal Language Acquisition Tool) uses highly unconventional lessons and hours of video instruction to teach both languages. Best of all, it’s free for homeschoolers to use for the rest of the 2014-2015 school year. Visit their HOME page and then click on the “INDEPENDENT” button to begin!



Behavior Labeling

If an adult is reinforced for behaving appropriately we call it recognition.
If a child is reinforced for behaving appropriately we call it bribery.

If an adult talks and laughs we call it socializing.
If a child talks and laughs we call it misbehaving.

If an adult writes in a book we call it making notes.
If a child writes in a book we call it destroying property.

If an adult sticks to something we call it perseverance.
If a child sticks to something we call it stubborness.

If an adult is not paying attention we call it preoccupation.
If a child is not paying attention we call it attention deficit.

If an adult hits a child we call it discipline.
If a child hits a child we call it fighting.

Please know that I only link to sites, articles and products that I personally know or have checked out thoroughly. I don’t link to “junk sites” or those Johnny-Come-Lately Mega-Corps who could care less about homeschooling … but have discovered we’re “a market” and only want to sell us something. If you have a negative experience, let me know and I’ll check it out. — Cindy