Colorado Homeschool Evaluations

Colorado Homeschool Evaluations

Colorado’s homeschool statute requires that all home educated children have their academic progress assessed every other year, in the odd grade levels. But you don’t have to give a standardized test; our law gives us the option to evaluate our kiddos instead.

The evaluation must be done in the odd grades: 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th. There is no set date or deadline; spring, summer, fall, winter — it’s completely up to you when you want to schedule your child’s evaluation.

Please remember grade level has absolutely nothing to do with how old the student is. The Colorado Homeschool Law In A Nutshell has a detailed explanation of how this works.

Colorado Homeschool Evaluators

West River Academy
My personal favorite. Peggy Webb is the owner of WRA, an accredited K-12 private school for homeschoolers. She unschooled her own and has been doing unschooling and relaxed homeschooling evaluations for over 20 years. She has years of experience in assessing the spectrum of homeschooled children; ones who use a structured curricula, kids who are free-range and unschooly, ones with unique learning styles, and those who have special situations such as parents in the military, constant traveling, living overseas, pursuing acting/dancing/singing careers, etc. Evaluations are done by email attachments, or postal mail. Call (970) 241-4137 or email Peggy directly. Mention “RMEC” and get $10 off your child’s evaluation!

Kiki Chanders
Boulder County
Kiki, a former public school teacher, never enrolled her own kids in public school. Instead she decided that homeschooling was the best option, and has educated them with an eclectic mix of homeschooling and unschooling for 13 years, to accommodate their dyslexia. She has a Master’s Degree in Education from CU, along with a certified Colorado teacher’s license. She’s been doing evaluations in her home for 8 years. Email her to set up a time.

Elaine Kist
Elaine is a former homeschooler, previous public and charter school teacher, with endorsements in Special Education and English as a Second Language (ESL), plus a Masters in Education. She lives in Fairplay and prefers doing evaluations in-person, but if you’re not within driving distance, Skype or postal mail work, too. Call (719) 839-5817 or email her. Mention “RMEC” and you get a $10 discount!

Cheryl Kasson
Denver metro and Front Range
Cheryl is both a Ph.D and veteran unschooler. She’s been performing in-person evaluations for 17+ years and is very familiar with the wide and wonderful range of learning styles kids have. Call (303) 995-2149 or email her a week in advance to set an appointment.

Colorado Homeschool Evaluation Service
Canon City and Southern Colorado
Judy Van Acker has been conducting evaluations since 1992. She’s a librarian by trade and has a valid Colorado Teacher Certificate. Judy does evaluations by postal mail or email attachments. Visit her website or contact her by email.

Lynne Wolford
Grand Junction and Western Slope
Lynne pulled her autistic teen out of public school in order to unschool and give her child a better education involving real life, raising chickens and interacting with as many people as possible. She holds a BS from the University of Dayton and a Masters in Education from Xavier University. Lynne likes to begin her evaluations with a personal phone call and then see what method of communication works best for both parties. 970-216-0326.

C.H.E.S.S (Colorado Heritage Education School System) offers personal evaluations at a reduced price during their Greeley, Fort Collins, and Loveland achievement testing sessions.

Are you a Colorado Evaluator? Shoot me an email and let’s talk!