Homeschool Humor

We homeschooling moms and dads are so busy every day, driving from hither-to-yon, mulling over how to teach some subject or other, whipping up paper mache with one hand for the little one’s latest art project, while whipping up dinner for the family with the other (and hoping we don’t confused the two), talking on the phone, and answering the 502nd question of the day the kids busy lil minds came up with. Heaven help us, we need a little humor.

I Will Survive Video
A funny homeschool music video, set to Gloria Gaynor’s popular disco tune. Funnier still is where I found it: on Ann Brady’s Homeschool CHEER Colorado 404 page (error: link not found). Kudos, Ann — first lead me to a broken link, and then CHEER me up, by crackin’ me up. LOL.

Schools are for fish

Schools are for Fish comic strip