Colorado Homeschool Law In A Nutshell

The Colorado Homeschool Law “In A Nutshell”

NutshellWhen you want to begin homeschooling in Colorado, the first thing to do is read our Homeschool Law CRS 22-33-104. But then, the inevitable question comes: what does all that mumbo jumbo mean?

I’m here to answer that for you. :)

Please remember I’m not a lawyer, but I was trained to understand and explain Colorado’s home school law by the best: the homeschoolers who fought so hard to make it legal and then actually sat down with former Governor Bill Owens and wrote it.

Homeschooling is an “exception” to Colorado’s Compulsory School Statute (the mandates for public schooled students). Meaning we have our own requirements — which, despite a few fuzzy, grey areas, are pretty easy — as long as we all follow the rules. Just a couple of renegades is all it takes for busybody politicians to step in and add more regulations.

What Questions Does The Nutshell Answer?

— What are the two legal homeschooling options?
— Which Colorado law are we exempt from, and which law do we have to comply with?
— What ages does the law apply to?

— When do I need to file my Notice of Intent (NOI)?
— Where do I send my NOI?
— What information am I required to include?
I was totally overwhelmed with all of this, but I know it is the right thing to do. Your Law Explanation answered everything! It’s fantastic!
— K. Kurst, Northglenn Colorado

— Do I need to file a new NOI every year?
— I just moved to Colorado. How soon do I have to file?
— I just pulled my 5-year-old out of school. She’s not ‘compulsory school age’. Do I still have to file an NOI?

— Where do I get the Notice of Intent (NOI) form?
— Do I have to fill out the school district’s form?
— Does my homeschool year begin and end at the same time as the public school?

THANK YOU for this glorious break down!!! I’ve been searching everywhere for this information!
— Sarah, Denver, Colorado

— Can my child take outside classes?
— Can someone else homeschool my children for me?
— What’s an ‘umbrella school’? How do they work? Why are they called ‘umbrellas’ anyway?

— What records do I need to keep?
— What subjects do I have to teach?
— At what grade level do I have to teach each subject? How many hours do I need to log? What materials am I allowed to use?

Thank you so very much for this [very detailed] nutshell!! I very much admire your writing style – you’re funny. 😀  
— Justina in Iowa

— When does my child graduate?
— How does my child get a high school diploma?
— Am I allowed to issue a diploma myself?

— Where do I get the accredited curriculum like the public schools use?
— Where do I get an achievement test? Can I administer it myself?
— What’s an “evaluation”? Is it preferable to testing? What happens during one?

I am so grateful for the info you provide in the Nutshell. I will sleep better tonight! Thank you and God Bless You and your family!
— Tami in Michigan

— My child’s been suspended from public school. Can we still homeschool?
— My child’s been declared “officially truant”. Can we still homeschool?
— Can my child take sports, sing in the choir, play in the band, attend the prom at a public school?

Best of all, it’s AD FREE!

… unlike web pages.

The Law in a Nutshell is a pdf “ebook”. Shortly after payment is received, you’ll receive an email with a receipt and instructions how to download it. Remember to check your spam folder! Technology does have its glitches. If you encounter any problems, contact Cindy. I’ll fix ‘er. :)


The Colorado Homeschool Law In A Nutshell
Every legal thing you ever wanted to know about Colorado's homeschooling law ... in plain English.

More comments from parents . . .

We are a homeschooling family relocating to CO from AZ. Your website is a wealth of information! Esp the Law in a Nutshell! I crack up at the way you write. :) I can’t wait to hear what you’ll say on the phone during our consultation tomorrow!  
— Bright Blessings! Leslie in Arizona
I’m so glad I purchased your e-book! I’m an over-researcher by nature and even though I went to the CO Dept. of Education website, it left me with a lot of questions. Their extra “fluff” was just confusing. All I really wanted was for someone to explain exactly what I need to know in the most obvious, simple terms. And that’s what I loved about your Colorado Homeschool Law in a Nutshell. It was clear and concise, and answered everything!
— Becca in southern Colorado


Colorado Homeschool Law In A Nutshell — 10 Comments

  1. This is a wonderful resource! It answers all of my questions clearly, cutting through all of the gobbledegook that I found every place else I’ve looked.

  2. You have eliminated my panic and replaced it with excitement and a curiosity to learn more! I’ve learned so much with your clear and blunt representation of the base of the law – and in addition, learned what REAL homeschooling is (and is not) along with finding out along the way about unschooling – who knew!! I think it may just be what my son has been indirectly asking for all along! THANK YOU

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