Colorado Homeschool Law In A Nutshell


The Colorado Homeschool Law “In A Nutshell”

NutshellThe first place to begin is to read our Colorado Homeschool Law CRS 22-33-104. But, what does all that legal mumbo jumbo really mean? Here’s the place to find the most in-depth and comprehensive FAQ on the legalities of Colorado’s home school law and what your options are, explained in plain English by a homeschooler with 22 years’ experience (that would be me). Please remember I’m not a lawyer, but I was trained to understand the law and explain it by the best: the folks who actually sat down with former Governor Bill Owens and wrote it.

It’s vital to understand that homeschooling is an exception to Colorado’s Compulsory School Statute (the mandates for public schooled students). If we don’t comply with the rules of our homeschool exception, we’re breaking the law. Parents who do so could be charged with truancy, child neglect, educational neglect, any number of things. At the very least, they’d most likely lose the right to homeschool their children. Keep in mind, up until the early 1980′s, homeschooling in Colorado was illegal. It was finally legalized in 1988 as the law we know today, but getting that law passed was a years-long, uphill, grueling battle. Sadly, even today, every year without fail, some state or federal busy-body attempts to chip away at our hard-won freedoms, to rein us in, make our homeschooling choices more restrictive. So be smart, follow the rules, don’t give them any ammunition. Homeschooling in Colorado is pretty easy; let’s keep it that way.

The Colorado Law In A Nutshell answers:

– What are the three legal options for homeschooling in Colorado?
– Which Colorado law are we exempt from, and which one do we have to comply with?
– What ages does Colorado’s Home School Law apply to?

– When do I need to file my Notice of Intent (NOI)?
– Where do I send my NOI?
– What information am I required to include on the NOI?

– Do I need to file a new NOI every year?
– I just moved to Colorado. When do I need to file?
– I just pulled my 5-year-old out of school. Do I still have to file an NOI?

– Where do I get the Notice of Intent (NOI) form?
– Do I have to fill out the school district’s NOI form?
– Does my homeschool year begin and end at the same time as the public school?

– Can my child take outside classes while we’re homeschooling?
– Can someone else homeschool my children for me?
– I enrolled my kids in an Umbrella School. Are we still legally ‘homeschoolers’?

– What records do I need to keep?
– What subjects do I have to teach?
– At what grade level do I have to teach each subject? How many hours of instruction does each one require? What materials am I allowed to use?

– When does my child graduate from our homeschool?
– How does my child get a high school diploma?
– Can I issue my own ‘homeschool high school’ diploma?

– Where do I get the accredited curriculum like the public schools use?
– Does my child need to be tested? Where do I get these tests? Can I administer them myself?
– What’s a “homeschool evaluation”? Is that better than testing? Where do I find an evaluator?

– My child’s been suspended from school. Can we still homeschool?
– My child’s been declared “officially truant”. Can we still homeschool?
– Can my child take sports, sing in the choir, play in the band, or attend a drama class at a public school?

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The Colorado Homeschool Law In A Nutshell
Every legal thing you ever wanted to know about Colorado's homeschooling law ... in plain English.

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