to Relaxed Homeschooling and Unschooling in Colorado — made simple! RMEC is the original and only statewide unschooling site in Colorado. Founded in May 1996 by two homeschooling moms, Cindy Englan Wentz and Valerie Berg. Valerie has since retired, but Cindy is still chugging along.

Homeschooling, home schooling, home education, traditional, classical, unschooling, radical unschooling, carschooling, world schooling, delight-led learning, child-led learning — confusing isn’t it? Relax. Take a breath, Little Grasshopper. These are just “methods” of homeschooling. No matter what we choose to call our way of teaching and learning, we all fall under the same Colorado homeschool statute (law). We all have the same requirements.

It’s common to be baffled about where to start. We’ve all been there, done that, bought the tee shirt. What’s legal and what’s not. Where to find curriculum. How to homeschool more than one child. How to home educate if you work. If other people can homeschool your child for you. How to determine if your child is really learning. Are they at grade level. Will they be accepted into college. Does unschooling actually work. Are you qualified to teach your own if you’re not certified. How to explain “this homeschooling thing” to your doubtful in-laws, parents and friends. And then we come to the biggie, the thing everybody asks — what about socialization? We’ll get to all of that. Meanwhile, relax, it’s not anywhere as difficult as it comes across. It just sounds daunting.  

Keep in mind, RMEC is not a support group, or an organization. It’s just one veteran mom, being an information hub for Colorado unschoolers, homeschoolers, etc. Everyone is welcome here. I have no political, religious or lifestyle druthers, and I certainly am not here to sell you pricey anything. In fact, I urge you to use the cheapest, easiest ways to educate your child/ren. Everyone should have access to unbiased information. That’s why Valerie and I created RMEC in the first place. So c’mon in, stay awhile, put your feet up and read to your heart’s content.

Nutshell Cover
The Colorado Homeschool Law in a Nutshell
Do our legal requirements leave you with more questions than answers? The Nutshell is the most in-depth and comprehensive FAQ you’ll ever find. Even better, it’s in plain English.

The Rookie Workshop for New Homeschoolers
(coming soon) My comprehensive, down-to-earth how-to guide for new homeschooling parents.

School Is Out Forever for Unschoolers
School’s never out for 14-year-old Zoe Bentley. Nor is it ever in.

Behavior Labeling

If an adult is reinforced for behaving appropriately we call it recognition.
If a child is reinforced for behaving appropriately we call it bribery.

If an adult talks and laughs we call it socializing.
If a child talks and laughs we call it misbehaving.

If an adult writes in a book we call it making notes.
If a child writes in a book we call it destroying property.

If an adult sticks to something we call it perseverance.
If a child sticks to something we call it stubborness.

If an adult is not paying attention we call it preoccupation.
If a child is not paying attention we call it attention deficit.

If an adult hits a child we call it discipline.
If a child hits a child we call it fighting.

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