Support Groups

Colorado Relaxed Homeschool and Unschool Support Groups

Here’s a list of unschooling support groups across Colorado and nationwide. Most are inclusive, meaning they welcome all religious beliefs. A good many are secular, meaning religion or lack thereof is completely unimportant, just like my RMEC site here. The list was updated April 2023.

NOTE: Some links don’t work, most do. Support groups are always in flux anyway (and most never tell me or any other site that they’ve gone POOF), but COVID and the lockdowns have made things a mess. I’m working on figuring out where some of these groups went, or if they shut down, changed their names or what. Bear with me, troops!

Meanwhile, join as many as you like, introduce yourself, attend a few activities and see which one(s) suit you and your kids the best. If you can’t find a group in your exact area, contact the closest one(s) and ask. Odds are, they’ll know. Groups are always forming, reforming, and revamping. It’s a full-time job to constantly keep tabs on all of them.

Remember that support groups post upcoming activities, classes, etc. They’re typically not the place for online chatting or unschool/homeschool discussions. They prefer you show up and meet them in person first, so they can get to know you. But, there are other lists that focus specifically on online discussions, seeking advice, tearing your hair out, feeling clueless and finding inspiration: Try Unschooling Discussion Groups.

Need to submit a correction? Add your group? Or just say “hi” and compliment me on how wonderful, stupendous and utterly fab my website is ;D (I’m not adverse to donations either …ahem) contact Cindy here. I’ll let you know where to mail that bag of bills. Oh, only quarters? Well okay, quarters work too. LOL.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
— Great quote (and true), but who actually said it? William Butler Yeats or Plutarch, a Greek-born Philosopher?



The End of School
A new resource center gives teens a chance to drop out and be their own teachers. (Note from Cindy: This is a great article, but no way on God’s green earth do you need to spend $400 a month to unschool. Good grief. I unschooled mine on less than $400 per year.)

The Story of Two Desperate, Burned Out, Homeschool Moms
I dare you to start a two mom co-op… and [have it] still be a two mom co-op after 4 months. Keeping it small is a hard thing to do.

Starting Your Own Homeschool Support Group
How to start your own group … and not go overboard or drive yourself crazy at the same time.

But First …. Field Trips

Year Round Homeschooling with Misty Leask: Field Trips
Ready to head out on a field trip in Colorado with your kids? C’mon over! Misty’s got a nice, long list of places to go, people to see. Chop chop. Put that phone down.

And Now For The Main Event — Colorado Support Groups!

African American Homeschoolers
This Group was created to give access to the philosophy, strategies and concepts of African American Unschooling. Please feel free to join us and share your knowledge and questions. You are among friends.

Boulder Unschoolers Play Together
Boulder Area
A place for Boulder area families to connect with fellow unschoolers. All types of styles are welcome here, including parents who are considering unschooling, eclectic homeschoolers who dabble in unschooling, traditional unschoolers and radical unschoolers. Events will be planned by admins, but PLEASE feel free to plan an event or reach out to other parents, or whatever you would like!

Colorado Christian Unschoolers
Our support group is for Christians who use unschooling, delight-led, child led, spirit led, relaxed, delayed, and/or natural learning in their homeschool. This group also stands for traditional conservative Christian values. We are a wonderful eclectic mix of homeschoolers who use notebooking, lap books, Charlotte Mason, libraries, journals…the list is endless. Everything and anything is a learning experience.

Colorado Community of Unschooling (CCOU)
CCOU is here to share ideas to support our kids’ interests; to plan get-togethers to enhance understanding of unschooling and share. This is a quote from Pam Sorooshian and it sums it up very nicely. “Unschooling means not depending on the usual school methods. It means no lesson plans, no curriculum, no assignments, no quizzes or tests, no required memorizing, and no grades. It means that the parent does not become the child’s schoolteacher—it means not creating a miniature classroom in the home. Instead, unschoolers focus on living a rich and stimulating life together. We do not “school,” but, instead, we concentrate on living a life filled with opportunities and possibilities and experiences. Human children are born learners. What unschoolers aim for is keeping that love of learning and intense curiosity alive as the children grow up.”

Instead of Education

Instead of Education
by John Holt

“If you are one of the millions of walking wounded still staggering from your own encounter with forced institutional schooling, and trying to spare your own kids from its damage, this book will be your guide and a good friend.” — John Taylor Gatto, Former New York City and State Teacher of the Year

Colorado Homeschool Support
a diverse group of home schoolers that offer support for Colorado families. Topics of discussion include homeschool law in Colorado, resources, umbrella schools, options programs, unschooling, christian homeschooling, and general support for the easy and not so easy parts of homeschooling life. We welcome a large range of homeschooling families with varying ideologies. We strive to embrace everyone no matter where they are in their journey.

Colorado Springs Area Unschoolers
Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Fountain, Security, Widefield
A great place to share community events and resources for unschooling. A great place to share information and ask questions about unschooling related topics. No selling of products PLEASE!

Common Ground Homeschoolers
Denver Metro Area
Common Ground Homeschoolers is an inclusive group of families in the Denver area. We follow no specific religious or political agenda, nor do we espouse any particular educational or homeschool philosophy. We welcome all independently learning families, and choose to honor our differences while building on our combined strengths. We offer park days, field trips, monthly teachers’ nights out, co-ops, opportunities for presentations and other activities.

Denver Area Unschoolers
Denver Metro
Denver, CO and surrounding area unschooling families will come here to connect, ask questions, share learning opportunities, offer support and encouragement and network about how to best live a joyful life free from school.

Denver Homeschooling
Denver Metro Area
Information is vital. If you’ve experienced a great homeschool resource or have a question on this great conquest, post it! Do you have curriculum or resources to sell? Post it!


Denver Unschoolers
Denver Metro Area
This group is for all unschoolers regardless of their spiritual beliefs. We hope to help provide support, friendship, group activities and co-op opportunities. We’re FREE and all families are welcome!

Stop in and visit our forum and upcoming event area. Everyone is encouraged to recommend activities. All you need is an email address and a password. We won’t frisk you or anything. Promise. 😀

Homeschooling Colorado
There are those days… Yes, we all have them. The laundry is piled up, I completely forgot about dinner, and I worry that I have totally screwed up my children by choosing to homeschool! So instead of pressing forward, take a step back — and maybe even take the day off! Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can’t change!
This page is a ready portal for support, encouragement, and exchange of ideas for the homeschooling community in Colorado.

Homeschoolers Hispanas ~ Mi Hogar para Jesucristo
This group is about the special and interesting life of the hispanic homeschooler. Does most of your family think homeschooling is illegal? Are all your friends waiting for you to become normal? And how many hispanic women do you know in your homeschool group — if you found one that you feel comfortable joining? Want to keep on talking? Join this group! We’ll encourage each other along this strait and blessed path!

Human Eclectic Learning Philosophy
Our eclectic life journey with Radical Unschooling, Peaceful Parenting and supporting Children.

Longmont Homeschool Group
This is a place for homeschoolers in the Longmont area to come together and plan, encourage, discuss, debate and enjoy our homeschool lives together. Together, we will enjoy park days, play dates, Mom’s night out and loads of other events. This group is self-directed, so if you would like to see an event, then feel free to plan it. We’re an inclusive and eclectic group so all posts and conversations must be respectful of every families faith and lifestyle choices. We can certainly discuss our differences, but never condemn them.

The Nest
Longmont Area
Birds of a feather creating a home learning co-op together.

Read A Banned Book

Northern Colorado Homeschool Association (NCHA)
Northern Colorado Front Range (Fort Collins – Loveland Area)
We are a group of homeschooling parents and children (aged infant through high school). We are an inclusive, secular, eclectic, local, member-run organization that honors the diversity of homeschoolers. Our reasons for homeschooling differ, as do our styles of and approaches to education.

We now have a Tween and Teen Subgroup called NCHA Youth. This group provides fun, learning, & service opportunities designed to address the unique needs and interests of older homeschoolers.

Playful Puddles Nature Kids Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs
A natural education program that brings together like minded parents in the Colorado Springs area.

Pueblo Eclectic Homeschoolers
Pueblo and Pueblo West
I started this page in an effort to facilitate continuing educational fellowship for my kids and myself, outside the bounds of a formal group environment. Future activities will include boys’ book club, girls’ book club, movie afternoons and moms’ playdates. I welcome any and all ideas!

Roaring Fork Valley Homeschool Network
Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Roaring Fork Valley
The ages of our families range from teens to toddlers and some of our families are from outside this area. We get together for field trips, play dates, curriculum idea sharing, special classes, but most importantly to support each other on a daily basis. If you’re new and have questions feel free to ask. If you are experienced and have advice feel free to share. The value for each of our children of having been “homeschooled” is what we all make of it … so let’s make it a fantastic experience for all!!!

Secular Homeschool Community
The home for Eclectic Homeschoolers, Freethinking Homeschoolers and Non-Religious homeschoolers!

An international site that was created to provide information, resources, and a place to share and connect with secular homeschoolers across the world. We will be highlighting information about wonderful secular homeschool resources, and keeping you up to date with what is going on in the world of secular homeschooling. But that is only the beginning. Secular Homeschool is your playground. A place to share the things that are important to you. A place to create and join groups that share your interests. A place to give and get advice. There are no limits to what you can do at Secular Homeschool, so join today and help build the community you’ve always wanted! (Note from Cindy: Secular Homeschool is also on Facebook.


Schools are for fish

Schools are for Fish comic strip


Special Needs Homeschooling
Are you homeschooling a special needs child? ADHD, autism, a medical condition or a learning disability? Lots of resources, lots stories to read, families to connect with.

Special Needs Un-Schoolers
This group is to support those of us who are unschooling our children with special needs. Any parents who teach through child directed learning, or naturalistic learning methods are also welcome. Basically, if you don’t use a textbook in your daily schooling, this group is for you!

Secular Homeschool Families
Are you homeschooling for non-religious reasons? Do you want tolerance for all beliefs? You have come to the right place. Secular Homeschool Families (SHF) is an amazing group of homeschooling families that are here to support each other.

Secular Homeschool Support Group (SHSSG)
Colorado Springs Area
We provide on-line support throughout Colorado, this group caters to the diverse community we live in and all homeschooling families are welcome. Our members prefer that their religious and political beliefs not be a part of this groups identity or purpose.

Steamboat Springs Homeschool Group
Steamboat Springs Area
We homeschool differently for different reasons – a lifestyle we think is best for us and our kids. Come join us to connect with local homeschoolers, find fun events to attend, have interactive on-line discussions, and make life-long friends!

We meet once a week for classes, field trips, community service events, holiday parties, and just for fun. Plus, we offer many “elective classes” for kids to take (i.e., Spanish, drama, youth choir, art classes, and more!)

Summit County Homeschoolers
Summit County
We’re an eclectic community of families who homeschool and gather together for support, fellowship, fun and learning opportunities.

We hike and meet in the park during the summer. And we ski/snowboard together in the winter. This year we are planning monthly Mom’s Night Out meetings where we meet in homes for dessert and fellowship, followed by a homeschool topic presentation/discussion. So, come on out and meet other homeschool moms!


US Hwy 285 Homeschool Network (Colorado)
Morrison, Evergreen, Conifer, Pine and Bailey
This group serves as an electronic bulletin board to facilitate communication among homeschool families of the U.S. Hwy 285 mountain corridor. This group is more social than nuts-and-bolts of homeschooling, the intent is to establish a network for local like-minded families.

Unschooling Littles: Non-Coercive Homeschooling & Unschooling
A group for caregivers and parents of children who are interested in unschooling or non coercive homeschooling with their children. We welcome a wide spectrum of members – from Radical Unschoolers to Relaxed Homeschoolers who use some curriculum in a non coercive way. We stand for gentle parenting and building partnerships with your children to help support their love of learning. We strive to be an inclusive group and stand for Social Justice.

Universal Unschoolers of Colorado
This group is meant to be a co-op style format focused on building our unschooling/homeschooling community. The goal is to inspire our children to grow in their own unique ways, learning independence, how to interact with peers and building skills around their interests in a secular setting. All ages are welcome and encouraged to interact together.
By joining this group you agree to participate regularly by attending and creating your own events. An event can be as simple as a park playdate or as detailed as an organized field trip. It is not a requirement to be an unschooler to join.

Unschooling NOW: Nurturing Ourselves Within
A community of internationally homeschooling, unschooling, and life learning people who are actively learning and living. Everyone is welcome.

Unschooling While Black
Free their minds and take back your families!
So many of you are tired of the daily struggles, the fear, the bias, the boredom, the lack of progress and the overwhelm that your children and families face from the School System.
I understand. Private group run by a veteran unschooling parent who’s been through it all.

Washington Park Homeschoolers
Central Denver/Denver Metro
We’re a secular homeschool support group. Our members use all different styles of home school including Calvert, unschooling, Well Trained Mind, Classical and Eclectic. Some of our activities include a science/art group, book club, park days and field trips.

Wild & Free Homeschooling
Lyons, Boulder, Lafayette, Arvada, Golden, Aurora, Parker, Castle Rock, Woodland Park, Colorado Springs
A group of unschooling / homeschooling moms who want their children to not only receive a quality education, but also to experience the adventure, freedom, and wonder of childhood. Want to start a group in your area? They’ll help you.