Colorado’s Homeschool Law and Legal Resources

What does Colorado’s home school law require of you? The wording is pretty straightforward, but it’s also vague. That was done on purpose. It’s not to confuse you, but to allow you the most freedom possible. However, this vagueness generates a lot of questions. Let Cindy help you. She’s been translating all this mumbo-jumbo into plain English for the past 27+ years.

One thing many school districts and homeschool leaders don’t understand is that Colorado has three separate laws: public school, private school, and home school. The most common mistake to make is to lump them all together as if this were just a big pot of stew. Cindy’s also seen folks take one sentence from one law, throw it into another law and deem it legal. When pressed, they shrug it off with, “well, that’s how I see it!” Sorry Charlie, but that excuse won’t pass muster with a truant officer. Or social services. It certainly won’t stand up in a court of law. Know your rights. It’s the best defense you’ve got.

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  — Margaret Mead

Colorado’s Homeschool Law
The full text of the law, officially known as “Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) 22-33-104 and 22-33-104.5”.

The Colorado Homeschool Law “In A Nutshell”
Cindy’s detailed translation in plain, understandable wording.

Sample Notice of Intent to Homeschool
The thing to fill out first if you’re planning to homeschool.

In Memory of Treon Goossen
A simple homeschool mom who co-authored the Colorado Home School Statute and then worked diligently to keep politicians from rewording it for the next 28 years.

A Ridiculous Common Core Test for First Graders
I couldn’t even pass this test.

Parents and Educators Against Common Core Curriculum in Colorado
A place to share information about this dangerous agenda that has been implemented around the country.

Common Core Is Dead: Long Live Common Core
Is Common Core really gone? Nope. If your state or district adopted some nifty teaching software in the last decade, then Common Core is embedded in your local school programs. This includes those part time or online virtual “homeschool” curriculums.

Legal Help

National Home Education Legal Defense
NHELD is a national organization open to all who wish to join, that seeks to protect and defend the rights of families who wish to educate in freedom.

The Rutherford Institute
The United States Supreme Court has ruled that parents have a fundamental right to control the upbringing and education of their children. And The Rutherford Institute is dedicated to defending this right.

National Center for Life and Liberty Homeschool Center
If you choose to educate your children at home, you have legal latitude to do so and a responsibility to do it properly. NCLL provides Bible-based legal services.