Colorado Homeschoolers: Preparing for College

Full Scholarship — these two words could change your life. Getting free college can be like winning the lottery. For many students, MasterTheSATgetting just one good scholarship offer could be the difference between community college and the university of their choice.

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Colorado Universities and Colleges That Accept Homeschoolers and Unschoolers

Colorado School of Mines (Golden)
If you are home-schooled or if your high school does not rank or give grades, they will work with you to fairly evaluate your record. In these cases, they will usually rely more heavily on your ACT or SAT scores.

Colorado State University (Ft. Collins)
CSU does not have any admissions requirements that are unique to homeschoolers. The admission process for homeschoolers is basically the same as for public and private school students.

Colorado College (Colorado Springs)
They do not require an official high school diploma or GED for admission consideration, and have had students apply after three years of high school or with some combination of high school record and other kinds of assessments. Homeschooler applications are welcome.

College Admissions Tests

SAT. and Other College Entrance Tests
What homeschoolers need to study and practice to achieve high scores on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT college entrance exams. Courtesy of AtoZ’s Home’s Cool Homeschooling.

SAT or ACT: Which To Choose?
The SAT and ACT are significantly different tests. You may perform much better on one than the other, depending on your particular strengths and weaknesses.

ACT vs. SAT: A Side-by-Side Comparison Chart
An easy-to-scan listing of which subjects carry more weight, how long the sections of the tests take, what the scoring range is for each test.

What does the SAT measure? Aptitude? Achievement? Anything?
The ups and downs of the SAT.